Reliability isn’t just a mechanical feature (part 1)

Reliability isn’t just a mechanical feature (part 1)

This year is going to be different, we thought back then in January.

Maybe some of you would think that was a premature sentence.

But time made it happen and proved that our predictions were knowledgeable.

Even though instead of different we should have used the term explosive. Something that we did have the honor to say a lot of times during our life as a company, but that hasn’t been so true as it is now.

As many might know, Friul Filiere has a long history on its shoulders, 43 years of existence celebrated in February as the company was founded in 1978. Since then, we have been selling complete extrusion lines in Italy and all over the world.

Extruders, downstream, and toolings designed and built in the only plant based in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, for the extrusion of technical profiles and pipes in any thermoplastic material.

High quality, innovative technology, and tailor-made design are the characteristics that define the identity of the company and the reason why our customers, in search of personalized solutions for their special projects, rely on us.

This has been possible thanks to a flexible and highly trained design team and R&D department, who will keep being the backbone of our future path. Yet if this an undeniable truth that won’t change, because that is our core business and who we are, recent novelties, new features, the spreading of the company culture and philosophy at any level, has caused a further change of pace: a newfound awareness of us and what we can offer as Friul Filiere.

There were several key points that were responsible for this new resolution.

First of all, this year had confirmed the strength of our highlights:

  • metal-plastic coextrusion technology: we have the key for the performing and successful sheathing and coating of metals like copper, aluminium, tin and so much more. Our last plant for metal-plastic coextrusion entailed the coating of metal coppers bars for the electric sector;
    the technology for the extrusion of automotive profiles, reinforced, with metal inserts or with flock tape in PP, TPV, TPE, and more;
  • the perfect centering of the flow for the TPU extrusion plants, especially for technical profiles like guides for conveyor belts;
  • the plants for the extrusion of PC: building, lighting sector, profiles, and pipes coextruded, embossed, with masterbatch (in this regard we have an impressive portfolio we invite you to see on our website);
  • the plant for the extrusion of thermal break profiles: from 2 to 8 exits;
  • the complete plants for special unique projects like the technology for the extrusion of BRUSH CUTTER: PA and Fiberglas, coextruded, multilayer, and multiple exits.

These are some of the many technologies we have developed and provided to our customers over the years, they became our strengths and the ones that were more requested. This is why we have also chosen to show them and explain them during Equiplast and Fakuma 2021 (come visit us in Fakuma at hall A6, booth A6-6111!).

Second of all, these last two years we have welcomed new teammates in our team Friul Filiere, who went to enrich our know-how and experience. If it’s true that technology, in a sector as complicated and as high technological as the plastic extrusion one, and quality are what really matters and what is considered a given at a high level, it’s also true that nowadays to satisfy the customer that might be, simply not enough.

So what does it take to satisfy the customer?

To be continued…