Meet the New Sales Manager for France

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Meet the New Sales Manager for France

We interviewed Francesco Zurini our new sales manager for France.
Joining Friul Filiere through the FF internship program, he was the perfect addition to our Sales & Marketing team.


1. What’s your name?
Francesco Zurini.

2. How old are you?

3. What did you major in?
My bachelor degree was in Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures with a focus in French and Russian. My master degree was in Digital Philosophy.

4. Why did you choose those majors?
I chose foreign languages and literature because I have always had an innate aptitude. Studying a new language is easy for me and go into depth with a language is very stimulating. Actually, for a moment I almost chose this path in high school, but I ended up doing something else. So when I had the opportunity to get back on this field, I didn’t hesitate.

5. What do you mean with “doing something else”?
Industrial technical institute with aeronautical specialization (Isis Malignani). It may look odd to have studied something so diametrically opposite to my university studies, however I am glad to have delved into both areas. I don’t regret my technical training and I am very proud of my high school studies.

6. Summing up, you obtained a diploma from a technical institute, a bachelor degree in foreign languages and literature and later a master’s degree in Digital Philosophy. A surprising mix of skills.
I chose the master in Digital Philosophy because it’s a course dedicated to those with both a technical and humanistic background, a combination in which I believe a lot, especially thinking about the realities of our territory where it’s essential to have a broad view. Technical and humanistic knowledge make a winning mix.

7. How did your experience in Friul Filiere start?
A year and a half ago I was looking for a company in which to carry out the curricular internship required by the master. I sent my CV to Friul Filiere and I was immediately contacted. I started shortly after.

8. What struck you about our reality?
The wide range of high technological solutions. From the beginning I felt the need to know in detail what the company offers. The plastic extrusion machine sector is very complex and requires a high level of technical knowledge. It’s important to be willing to learn and be ready to accept the challenge. I do it with passion every day.

9. In fact, your experience did not end with the internship.
Exactly. After the internship, I was offered to stay in the company, in the role of sales manager for France. The work I had done to build the French market needed further development. I am happy to have the opportunity to follow the project. I don’t like to leave things unfinished.

10. What do you like about your job at Friul Filiere?
That’s exactly what I had in mind when I thought about a good job: it combines technical skills, human relationships and the use of languages. It’s challenging and varied and reflects who I am.