Friul Filiere’s response to sustainability is LIGHTNESS!

Friul Filiere’s response to sustainability is LIGHTNESS!

Friul Filiere has been operating for more than forty years in the production and supply of complete systems for the extrusion of technical profiles and pipes in thermoplastic materials. Recognized on the international market as a reliable partner for the implementation of turnkey projects, it designs and builds machines and equipment in-house, with the aim of controlling each phase of the production process in detail and guaranteeing the highest quality to its customers.

The search for innovative solutions has always been its distinctive character and thanks to this commitment it has established itself for its ability to obtain maximum performance in the extrusion of all thermoplastic materials, including those considered particularly complex, also used in co-extrusions multiple (for example together with metals to be coated).

The Friulian company, proud of a strong identity based on a passion for technological challenges, took the opportunity of the Plast fair to unveil something new that reconfirms all this.

Our expertise in thermal bridge breaking profiles

Friul Filiere has already been chosen by important international players as a partner for the supply of extrusion systems, complete with dedicated equipment, for the production of thermal bridge breaking profiles in polyamide (PA) filled with glass fiber (GF), intended for the window and door sector in aluminium.

If, in recent times, this has shone as the spearhead in Friul Filiere’s range of technological products, the novelty presented in Milan instead represents its green evolution.

Starting from listening to its customers and the needs in their different sectors, the Friul Filiere R&S team decides which are the priority areas on which to focus and so it was again this time.

Building and construction are increasingly focused on energy saving issues and windows play a fundamental role in the insulation of buildings.

From here the objective was identified to create increasingly high-performance systems to increase the production capacity of thermal bridge breaking profiles which, when applied inside aluminum windows and doors, guarantee better thermal insulation of the window.

Therefore, first of all Friul Filiere has created more performing extrusion systems, dedicated to the production of polyamide profiles loaded with glass fibre. In recent years it has established itself as a company capable of guaranteeing high production performance of highly insulating profiles.

Subsequently, in addition to the attention paid to production needs, it wanted to combine a particular focus on sustainability. Consequently, it has developed a closed-circuit production system that guarantees customers ZERO WASTE thanks to the in-line integration of a waste collection and grinding unit which is fed directly back into the extrusion process.

Light Thermal Break: our third evolutionary step

We are now at the third evolutionary step of the Friul Filiere thermal break extrusion technology: LIGHT, which allows us to obtain an even more performing product in its application to windows and doors and above all sustainable. The topic of sustainability is certainly not new to Friul Filiere which has historically supported customers with formulations dedicated to the use of recycled plastic materials; it is a founding value that does not intend to remain theoretical but on the contrary finds yet another confirmation in this technology.

  • LIGHT thanks to the in-line integration of the natural gas injection system for closed cell expansion
  • the specific weight of the profile is reduced by 30%, going from 1.3 to 0.9
  • the raw material used is reduced by 30%
  • the profile applied to the aluminum window is more insulating thanks to the reduction in the heat exchange coefficient
  • the gas used for lightening is natural, it is CO2 or N2! a chemical blowing agent is not used! it is not flammable, there are no toxic emissions during processing
  • the finished profile can be 100% recycled because the material has no polluting residues
  • the lightening process facilitates the cooling of the internal mass – and consequently allows higher extrusion speeds, increases the production capacity of the plant, improves the physical performance of the product and the internal expansion allows to obtain even more precise geometries
  • the cooling phase during calibration is rapid but in any case there is no surface shrinkage of the material which is often caused by chemical blowing agents
  • from an economic point of view, the customer is guaranteed a quick return on the investment as a direct consequence of the points just exposed.

Friul Filiere guarantees customers the supply of machines and equipment produced in its sole factory.

With reference to machines we mean Omega 80 single screw extruders, Downstream Futura 40, dryers, dosers, raw material loading systems, auxiliary units integrated in line such as:

  • the gas inlet unit
  • double positioning laser markers – upper and lower – and multi-printing for product identification)
  • finished product collection unit and packaging at the end of the line on request
  • automated continuous multiple glue threading unit.

With reference to equipment, however, dedicated dies and calibration and cooling systems, where the technological heart of the process and all the company’s know-how reside.

In detail, the equipment – always guaranteed as long lasting – is subjected to additional and specific surface treatments that protect it from abrasion due to the fiberglass content present in the material; allow simultaneous extrusion of up to 10 outlets; in multi-exit flow control is managed individually; centesimal tolerances are guaranteed on the geometries of the profiles (flat, omega and also tubular) up to +/- 0.05mm; the extrusion speed reaches 2 m/min; they are suitable for the production of millions of linear meters without undergoing significant variations to the guaranteed tolerances and without the need for maintenance.

In conclusion, the unique selling proposition that distinguishes Friul Filiere in the reference market is therefore composed of consultancy, process know-how, machines and supply chains to create turnkey systems, continuous assistance and after-sales service throughout the world, for extrusion of LIGHT thermal break profiles in PA+fibreglass. The company is structured to give maximum support at the start of production also to start-ups with 360 degree consultancy on installation, start-up and training for inexperienced staff thanks to on-site technicians but also digital platforms and effective tools for assistance remotely.

The plastics industry increasingly needs solutions to support sustainability. Friul Filiere has made these objectives its mission and works every day to develop advanced technologies that can allow customers to minimize the impact on the environment and obtain totally recyclable products. Its guiding objectives remain clear: high performance, high quality and maximum attention paid to the intelligent use of plastic materials.