Friul Filiere, a story of innovation and sustainability that comes from afar

Friul Filiere, a story of innovation and sustainability that comes from afar

Since 1978, Friul Filiere has been selling complete plants all over the world including extruders, downstream and tooling designed and built in Italy, in the factory which has always been based in Friuli.
Technology and tailor-made design on customer needs are, together with high quality, the strengths of the company. This is what Luna Artico, sales and marketing director of Friul Filiere, is telling us, giving a cross-section of the presence at the fair starting from the technologies.
“Friul Filiere turned 45 years in January 2023”, opens Artico”, and has always had a history dedicated to innovation which has stood out over the years for its commitment to research and development of new innovative solutions for the extrusion of thermoplastic materials. We are a company that is recognized as a reliable partner and point of reference for complete plants of extrusion machines and tooling, together with all the auxiliary machinery necessary to create a turnkey project for the client.

Speaking internationally, Friul Filiere has established itself with the technology dedicated to the extrusion of Thermal Break profiles in PA + GF used in the window sector for thermal insulation, but it can also boast a respectable portfolio of polycarbonate profiles and a consolidated know-how for the extrusion of profiles, rods and pipes in TPU.
Last but certainly not least topic is the coating of metal profiles with thermoplastics, generally considered incompatible materials.
The company is currently a point of reference in the PA thermal break extrusion technology, as it has demonstrated its ability to achieve excellent results in terms of production performance, thanks to the multiple-output tooling (up to eight) and the extrusion speed, but above all for the centesimal tolerance guaranteed of profiles of different geometries, with particular reference to the flat, the omega but also the tubulars”.

At Plast with a complete range
The presence of Friul Filiere at Plast is an opportunity to propose a series of interesting innovations, on which Luna Artico comments: “The company is enthusiastic about taking part in Plast Milano, which is for us an occasion to present the evolution of thermal break technology. In Friul Filiere R&D never stops, commitment is dedicated to continuous improvement in order to achieve maximum extrusion performance. At the fair we will have the opportunity to exhibit a product that allows the customer to obtain PA+GF Thermal Break profiles with maximum performances, but also to save production costs. This without forgetting that our range includes all the auxiliary machines of the line. At the end of the process, the client must obtain a product which is complete and ready to be sold, but above all a system of collecting production scraps, regranulation and re-introduction in loop in the extrusion process, zero waste with attention to sustainability, which is always a central theme for us”

Unveiling of novelties at the fair
Luna Artico then continues with a preview whose details will be unveiled only during the fair: “At Plast, Friul Filiere, also presents something extremely new, which however does not concern technology but people: the quality of machines and tooling designed and built in house is guaranteed by more than 40 years of history, research and references. But out identity today undoubtedly lies in the attention and care of the customer through a multiplicity of innovative services. I would like to say more but in order not to reveal the details in advance, I will stop with: #customerfirstproject, the customer first. We look forward to meeting visitors and customers in an airy and welcoming stand where we can spend time together talking about projects to be developed and technology”.

Sustainability and all in line process since ever
Last but not least, here is the above-mentioned sustainability, which Friul Filiere looks to at every stage of design and development of the product. “The sustainability is certainly not a new subject for Friul Filiere which already 30 years ago supplied customers tailor made solutions so that they could use recycled materials in the extrusion process. Systems aimed at reducing electricity consumption and water waste in cooling processes have already been implemented on the machines. Today our commitment is concentrated on two tracks in particular and I’m referring to product and process solution, where in the first case I mean the technologies that Friul Filiere offers to the market for profiles to be made using biocomposite materials obtained from formulation that combine natural as well as plastic materials.

However the real innovation is given by the possibility of reusing and inserting in this formulation, waste from previous processes, in particular MDF waste – considered a “special waste” in Italy with the consequent disposal costs. In this way, companies in the wood and furniture sector that use MDF and generate tons of scraps, can now reuse them in order to obtain a brand new and high-quality product.
Concerning the process, however, I’m referring to the in-line scraps recovery technology, the so called “closed loop production”. On the complete thermal break extrusion plants, for example, Friul Filiere proposed at the end of the line, a collection system for production scraps which are regrinded, reloaded and reintroduced directly into the extruder from which the process restart, all with zero waste. This extends the life circle of the raw materials and so therefore represents a concrete contribution to the reduction of C02 emissions, mainly generated by extraction operations”, concludes Luna Artico.