New talents in the Friul Filiere Team

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New talents in the Friul Filiere Team

We interviewed Erik Tomada, the new Service Manager of Friul Filiere, who tells us about his experiences and his point of view on service.

Erik Tomada Service Manager in Friul Filiere


1.What’s your name?
Erik Tomada.

2.How old are you?
27 years old.

3. What is your role in FF?
I am responsible for service at Friul Filiere.
As such, I provide assistance to the customer during all the phases in which he interacts with us: before delivery  with the training on the plant and by drafting  of an ad-hoc service plan; after the machine has been delivered and started up,  by responding and helping to solve any critical issue; by providing further training on maintenance practices; and last but not least, by advising and supplying the spare parts suitable for the customer’s needs.

4.So Service is not juts “after sales”.
As we use to say here  in #customerfirst, ie the customer  is our top priority. As a person in charge of  Service, I gather everything that could be useful to the customer, indicating him the best and most correct solutions to make the line, or the machines, work efficiently.

5. Have you already worked in the service department?
I studied mechanics and I have always carried out activities in this area, dealing with the resolution of technical problems. In fact, I have a strong operational experience having dealt with assembly, mechanical maintenance, in particular in the wood and steel sector. The relationship with the customer, as it taken cared in FF, however, is the first time that happens to me.

6. What made you want to take on the role of service manager?
First of all it sounded like an enrichment to my skills. Furthermore, I had the chance to bring my contribution inside a very stimulating working environment. What convinced me was the advanced vision that was explained to me.

7. What do you mean with “advanced vision”?
During the interview Luna Artico, the sales  director and human resources manager, explained to me the Friul Filiere’s approach to service: a complete and cutting-edge assistance. Through digital tools such as support platforms equipped with an app for quick and easy contact;  through customized training courses that allow the customer to acquire what he needs to fill his gap;  and with pills on good maintenance practices. I found it a new and exciting perspective and it encouraged me to take this path.

8. What are the personality traits of yourself that you think can add value to the FF service?
I am quite determined and a perfectionist. When I want to do something I keep doing it until it turns out well, I don’t care if it takes more tries. You learn a lot from each of them.
Temperamentally, I consider myself patient with an inclination to listen to the others. It’s very useful when you interact with people who call in difficult and stressful moments such as a machine failure. Finally, the desire to challenge myself. I’m not afraid of getting my hands dirty. I am a person who likes to experiment and even build things on his own in the free time. It presents many challenges, but finding the right solution for the project’s success, gives me the energy to tackle the next challenge and has greatly helped my flexibility and mental openness.

9.You future goals?
I want to expand and improve my knowledge, gain a greater awareness of my abilities so that I can give the best in my everyday work.