FF stage

FF stage

1. What’s your name?
Claudia Valerio

2. How old are you?
25. 26 on the 17th of March!

3. Field of studies?
Engineering management.

4. Why have you chosen this career?
I chose the engineering management course because I have always been fascinated by the mechanisms underlying business realities.
Furthermore, this course is interdisciplinary and offers multiple job opportunities, helping us students to develop an overall (or systemic) vision of the companies and the context in which they operate.
I looked forward to being able to work in team and operate in a cross-functional, dynamic and flexible context.

5. How did your experience in Friul Filiere begin?
I was looking for the topic of my master degree thesis and I was hoping to find an opportunity a company that would allow me to study a real case. I therefore entrusted myself to Professor De Bona, who knew of the service project promoted by Mrs. Luna Artico, proposed this practice to me, namely an internship with a focus on after sales. This is how I learned about the reality of Friul Filiere and I chose it because as a medium-small company, it gave me the opportunity to observe all the company’s department and how they collaborate with each other. And this was the purpose, to gain experience, in addition to the thesis itself. Furthermore, having dealt with the subject of servitization at a theoretical level for my bachelor degree, this opportunity seemed to be the right way to conclude my academic career: a practical application case of a company.

6. What have this experience teach you?
I learned a lot of things, first of all the procedure and protocols that are activated when FF provides customer assistance but above all, I learned how business processes and operations go beyond theory – as it should be. Each company has a ratio that justifies the choices of an architecture of processes and procedures, which is not limited to a mere application of an axiom written in a book. In order to photograph the company situation in the correct way, and to recommend improvements, an in-depth study is a must. This is what I tried to do in my thesis.

7. Did you enjoy your experience?
Yes, a lot. I would definitely recommend it to my colleagues. I am happy to be able to say that in coming here, I hit my personal goal: to understand and experience the company in all its aspects, relationships between people included.

8. From your words I understand that you fitted in quite well.
Absolutely. You have all been very helpful, if I had any requests or questions, you have always helped and supported me. I also received some tips of wisdom, which you can’t find in my thesis of course but that I will take with me as a good reminder.

9. What about your plans for the future?
This internship helped me understand what is the area in which I would like to specialize, which is ​​operations and project management.