Friul Filiere was founded in 1978 as a toolings manufacturer. It has therefore more than forty years of experience in the field that allows it to design and manufacture dies and special calibration systems dedicated to the processing of particularly extreme thermoplastic materials and the production of complex profiles and special tubes.


  • MULTIPLE EXITS: it is possible to extrude several profiles with the same section at the same time.
  • COEXTRUDED: obtained thanks to the combination of different materials that meet in the die and that joined together form the required profile section. To obtain this, it is necessary to connect several extruders, as many as there are materials used (even more than 5).
  • WITH INSERTS: inside these dies, either traditional or squared, components other than thermoplastic material (polyester threads, flock tape, etc.) are also inserted and become part of the finished profile.
  • REINFORCED: metal profiles (steel, copper, fiberglass or other) of various sections are inserted in the die to improve the mechanical characteristics;

  • SPECIAL: they have non-standard sections, dimensions, weights and special materials, obtained with dedicated high-tech dies;
  • COMPOSITE: profiles obtained with the use of bio-composite materials such as FFC (PVC+wood), Resysta (PVC+rice husk, glass fiber), etc.
  • EXTREME MATERIALS: profiles made with high-fluidity materials that are difficult to calibrate where mixed wet and dry systems are used. These profiles are particularly used in very heavy applications where particular resistance to abrasion and elastic modulus is required.


  • Special pipes
  • Coextruded tubes
  • Multilayer pipes

  • Tubes with coextrusion of internal ribs or external stripes
  • Coating of metal pipes
  • Multi-exit pipes

Friul Filiere guarantees the best performances in the production of tubes in all thermoplastic materials, starting from the traditional PVC, HDPE, PP, up to the most extreme PA and PU. 

Friul Filiere has also patented an innovative flow management system, applicable to all tube heads and integrated in each of the Friul Filiere production heads: Tubeasy. 

Friul Filiere has also developed a calibration system with mixed cooling technology. Experimented within the study for the management of extreme technopolymers such as PA and PU, this technology contributes significantly to the achievement of excellent results in the performance and quality of the extruded product. Precise control in calibration allows profile dimensions to be maintained within centesimal tolerances.


Tubeasy allows the control of the material flow and a consequent improvement not only of the general production performance of the plant, but also of the physical-mechanical characteristics of the finished product.

  • Easy: flow management
  • Simple: only 2 screws for perfect centering
  • Fast: no waste of time in the starting phase
  • Economical: reduction of waste at the start of up to 60%
  • Precise: it allows to obtain even thin thicknesses while respecting minimum dimensional tolerances.


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