Futura Downstream

The Futura downstream line is designed to respond flexibly to all customer needs.

The line consists of:

  • CALIBRATING TABLE. It hosts the calibration system and together with the die head, they are undoubtedly the technological heart of any high-performance extrusion plant. In light of this, great attention was paid to the study of technical solutions that could improve the efficiency of the production process and the man-machine interface and in particular:
    • The attachments disposition for the management of the cooling systems has improved accessibility and the connection of the pipes necessary for the extrusion process is more practical.
    • The frame is positioned higher (about 1m) and has been enlarged to make room for all the mechanical and electrical components necessary for its operation within the structure.
    • The extrusion axis was positioned so as to symmetrically divide the table along the longitudinal axis.
    • The redefinition of the positions of the electrical and electronic components of the entire system is updated according to EC regulations and permits the release of the Risk Certificate.
    • The water dispensers with visible return, are located in a front position with respect to the operator, allowing them to continuously view the regular passage of water in the system.
    • A recessed plinth on the base along the entire front of the downstream allows a better vicinity making the work of the operator easier.
    • The table is fully galvanized and is subjected to a special treatment that guarantees its durability.

    The focus is on energy optimization which is possible thanks to the latest generation pumps, regulated by an inverter, which causes the motor to absorb the minimum energy required at each stage of production, adjusting itself to the vacuum needs. The pumps are mounted on an independent support which protects them from the repercussions of vibrations on particularly sensitive profiles and make them easy to inspect.
    All the protection and safety systems have been updated and made even more reliable; the electrical panels have been repositioned on the frame in compliance with the most recent community regulations.

  • HAUL-OFF. It maintains the same extrusion axis as the calibrating table so that the passage of the profile takes place perfectly in the center of the machine, now symmetrical on a dimensional level. The protective hatch is no longer sliding and thanks to the dark perforated sheet that replaces the Plexiglas it is not only more robust and practical, but also contributes to modern design. In order to make the most of the machine’s potential and thus favouring the access to profiles with a width greater than the dowels, the entire transmission system has been revised, optimally repositioning the engine.
  • CUTTING UNIT. Cutting is a delicate phase during the production of complex profiles and tubes that must comply with increasingly demanding quality standards, even more so when the extrusion speed is very high. Friul Filiere’s turnkey projects deal with complete systems for the production of tubes and profiles at speeds of over 250 meters/min. To meet these needs, a brushless motor was chosen, which is more precise and reactive in handling movement, combined with a horizontal sliding of the trolley. The Friul Filiere software also contributes to the optimal result, thanks to which the cutting operation is easily programmable by setting speed, times and various other parameters.
  • FRIUL FILIERE SOFTWARE. The machines are equipped with PLC and Friul Filiere software that allow the management of the entire centralized process on the extruder, meeting the INDUSTRY 4.0 requirements. The software gives the possibility to include a remote assistance service through the use of the ethernet network installed on the machines.

Classic Downstream

Classic Dowstream is the traditional line of Friul Filiere.

It has been under construction for 15 years and is constantly updated from a technical point of view to keep up with technological developments. It is flexible, robust and reliable.

It allows the customer to produce profiles in small dimensions, has a stable structure that is not afraid of vibrations, and ensures high-performing machines tested on multiple products.


The base line consists of:

  • Calibrating table
  • Haul-off

  • Cutting unit
  • Tilting table unit

The machines can be used in line or individually for equipping other lines. In the case of complex projects, auxiliary machines for the surface finishing of the profile can be inserted in line and the process, as a whole, is managed by a single PLC positioned on the main extruder.

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