Co-extrusion technology

profili e tubi metallici rivestiti con strato termoplastico

Friul Filiere is recognized for its long experience in the design and production of extrusion plants for special profiles and tubes.
In particular, we have focused on the search for solutions that allow high production performance of profiles and pipes composed by the plastic-metal combination, where by metals we mean copper (in wires or bars), aluminum (sheets), iron (pipes) and more.

The compatibility between such different materials is complex and today, at an international level, there are few companies that have this process know-how.

We are among them, and we are pleased to invite you to the on-line demonstration of the complete plant for the coating of copper bars.

It is a cutting-edge multifunctional system that covers flexible copper bars, in variable combinations in terms of number, width and thickness.

To participate in this exclusive event, we invite you to register by clicking on the button below. You need to fill in the form in order to receive later on the details and the access link to the event to be held in May.

See you soon!