Metal Coextrusion

Friul Filiere has perfected extrusion technologies that combine plastic and metal.  The metal coextrusion includes all types of metals, such as copper, aluminium, tin, and more.

  • For the household appliances sector, Friul Filiere has designed a plant for the extrusion of complex technical profiles, that means cover shelf profiles for fridges. The plant realizes the coextrusion of aluminium sheets with a thermoplastic (ABS) layer and protective film.
  • For the electrical sector, a multi-functional system has been developed to coat flexible copper bars in variable combinations in terms of number, width and thickness of the bars. A coloured band can be coextruded onto the plasticised PVC and TPE coating sheath thanks to the addition of masterbatch.
  • For the industrial sector it has been realized the plant for the PVC/TPU covering of spiraled metal pipes.
  • For the automotive sector a complete line for the production of conductive and non-conductive TPE profiles with metal inserts has been realized.

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