Friul Filiere has developed solutions that allow customers to minimize their impact on the environment and obtain totally recyclable products. For composite materials it has developed two different solutions:

  • FFC ™: is a composite patented by Friul filiere, made up of a mixture of thermoplastic material and vegetable fibers, lightened by expansion. The real innovative strength of the FFC ™ composite lies in the possibility to recycle and reuse not only the waste of vegetable fibers (jute, hemp, sugar cane, etc.) but above all the waste of thermosetting plastic materials classified as Special Waste (rubber, urea , melamine, phenolics, paints, MDF).
  • RESYSTA ®: Friul Filiere is the first Resysta partner in Europe for complete lines for profiles. The sustainable Resysta® material is made from rice husk and therefore 100% recyclable. A complex procedure (PTRH technology) allows the rice husk to be treated in a way that is capable of processing a natural fiber and a polymer together. The positive properties of the silicates contained in the rice husk are reflected in the compound. Its surface is completely water resistant. Friul Filiere systems are dedicated to the extrusion of Resysta profiles such as decking, facade, circular and fences.

Places where we sold our extrusion plants

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