For the agricultural sector, our plants are able to produce pipes and profiles suitable for different applications. 

  • IRRIGATION PIPES: three-layer pipes and with 80% of the recycled material. Extrusion head equipped with the patented tubeasy system for perfect centering of the flow thanks to the adjustment of only two screws during start-up.
  • REINFORCED AGRICULTURAL FILM: complete line for the production of protective film in recyclable PE. Reinforced side bands are coextruded. Once punched, they replace the traditional metal eyelets. In this way the sheet becomes easily recyclable. Peculiarities of the system are the variable spacing of the axes, which move according to the width of the sheet, and the lapper at the end of the line.
  • TUBULAR PROFILES: special line for the production of tubular profiles for tree protection. The peculiarity of this line is the punching, cutting and belling group which are fundamental for the correct realization of the profile.

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